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YS DZ 170 Engine

YS DZ170 Engine-1
YS DZ170 Dingo is the latest edition of the popular 'Dingo' fuel injection engines designed for aerobatics. They have been extensively used in most aerobatics competition such as the FAI F3A and large IMAC competitions.
YS DZ170 Engine-2
YS DZ170 now features a 'true' fuel pump instead of the high pressure fuel system in its previous engines, eliminating the need for a pressurised fuel tank. It has the same mounting configuration as its predecessors such as the YS DZ140 and DZ160.
YS DZ170 Engine-3
Other features include:
  • Crankcase supercharging system unique to YS 4 stroke engines
  • Fuel injection
  • Convenient pump adjustment
  • High horsepower output with long service life
YS DZ170 Engine-4 YS DZ170 Engine-5
Note: Orders for the YS DZ170 engine will be on backorder, until stock is available again.
YS DZ170 Engine-6
Displacement: 27.95cc
RPM: 2,000-10,000
Weight: 955g
Price: SGD$695.20

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