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Hirobo SRB Quark (72MHz)

Hirobo SRB Quark-0
Hirobo SRB Quark-1
The Hirobo SRB Quark is made to fly safe, easy and fun. Its total new design enables it to have impressive flight stability. Both main/tail blades are made of foam to prevent crash damage and injury. Stabilizer blade is soft plastic to absorb crash damage. Truly an amazing helicopter for indoor/outdoor ultimate enjoyment!
Hirobo SRB Quark-2
The newly designed soft plastic stabiliser comes off to lessen crash damage in time of crash. 
Hirobo SRB Quark-3
FM receiver, gyro and ESC (for both main and tail rotor) are housed in the main circuit unit. 
Hirobo SRB Quark-4
Tail rotor blade is made of foam to prevent damage and injury. 
Hirobo SRB Quark-5
New design battery and charger is used. Lightweight battery enables 10 minutes flight with approx one hour charge. Charger is equipped with cell balancer.
Hirobo 0302-005 Main Blade Set (SRB)
Hirobo 0302-015 Tail Blade Set (SRB)
Hirobo SRB Quark-6
Package includes:
  • SRB Helicopter
  • Main blades x 4 sets, tail blades x 4 sets
  • User manual
  • Decal
  • Blade balancer
  • Charger & Battery
  • Tools 
Note: Transmitter sold separately
Price: SGD$495.00