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Blip R/C Shutter Release Kit

Blip R/C Shutter Release Kit-1
Many of the mid-range Canon Digital SLR cameras feature an external connector for shutter release. The Blip R/C Shutter Release Kit consists of an R/C switch, cable and pre-soldered connector for the camera. This operates just like a full push on the shutter button - the camera will also autofocus if you have it switched on.

There's no special setup involved, just connect to your camera and your R/C receiver (JR/Futaba style connector).

Note: Unlike our URBI interface for Canon Powershot cameras, the operation of the zoom lense on SLR cameras is not possible, as the lense is not motorised.
  • Works with Canon 100D, 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D (Canon Rebel cameras in USA)
  • Fully assembled and tested.
  • Very fast response time
  • Provides instant release of the camera shutter.
  • Features a LED to indicate operation/loss of R/C signal.
  • 30cm R/C cable connector
  • 30cm Camera cable connector, which can be shortened.
Blip R/C Shutter Release Kit-2
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