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V-Pro Veltro Sports

V-Pro Veltro Sports
V-Pro Veltro Sports inherited the design of the existing Veltro Speed, but with an implementation of sports elements, there is a new addition of landing gear and also a twist of a new color scheme to this Sports flyer gives it a more vibrant and sporty look. This new look is an eye-pleaser which gives a  flattering contrast to the blue skies.
V-Pro Veltro Sports-2
Length (mm):840
Wing Span (mm):1226
Wing Area (dm sq):24.9
Weight (g):1300~1500
Radio Required:6 Ch & above 3~4 servo

V-Pro Veltro Sports-4V-Pro Veltro Sports-3
The weight of this Veltro Sports as compared to Veltro speed is higher, with the addition of landing gear. This in turns increases the wing loading and increases it's maneuverability as compared to Veltro Speed model, even though this also means that the speed is compensated, it can provide a whole new flying experience with its maneuverability abilities. If you are on for a sporty challenge with more action packed flying, this is just the right aerobatics plane for you!
The landing gear set also make it possible to release it on the ground itself, without the help of another to launch. It also creates consistency in landing with grace while protecting the fuselage (made from fibreglass) from damage of landing direct with the fuselage. This in turn can protect your plane while you train for your landing skills!
V-Pro Veltro Sports-5Package includes:
  • Foam core balsa film finished wings
  • Balsa built tail with film finished
  • Fibreglass fuselage
  • Glass Nylon engine mount
  • 45mm AB spinner
  • 120cc fuel tank
  • Linkage for rod set
  • Fibreglass wheel pants
  • Sponge wheel tyres
  • Plastic Control horn
  • Main landing gear

Additional Requirements:
Note: items on the pictures shown below are for references only, not included in the package when you purchase this plane, each sold seperately

V-Pro Veltro Sports-6

Additional Required items (sold seperately):

  • Transmitter (6 Ch and above)
  • Receiver Battery
  • TS-1034 Servos (3)
  • Extension Cord (100mm x 4)
V-Pro Veltro Sports-8
  • 2C-25 Class Engine
  • Silicone tube
  • APC Prop (8x6 2C-25)
  • Engine starting tools
V-Pro Veltro Sports-7

Power System additional requirements:

  • Brushless ER-282211d
  • Electric Aluminium spinner 45C5.0
  • APC Propeller (9 x 6E)
  • Pro.C S-35 Speed Controller
  • LP-3S1P2600SR LiPo Battery
  • Gold Connector 4.0BL
Price: SGD$350.47