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DIYDrones Xbee Telemetry Kit (Pro Set)

DIYDrones Xbee Telemetry Kit (Pro Set)-3
The DIYDrones Xbee Telemetry Kit is designed to allow the transmission of flight data from unmanned aerial drones and other small scale aviation platforms. In addition, it can be set up to allow ground to air control via a PC. 
DIYDrones Xbee Telemetry Kit (Pro Set)-4
In this kit you will find everything you need to add telemetry features to your aircraft set up. The Xbee modules come paired up and ready to use! 
Included with this kit:
  • 1x XtreamBee Board (The one manufactured by DIYDrones!), including the two female connectors and right angle connectors
  • 1x XBee-PRO 900 extended range module w/ RPSMA connector
  • 1x XBee-PRO 900 extended range module w/ wire antenna
  • 1x XtreamBee USB Adapter (USB adapter for the Xbee module!)
  • 1x Duck antenna optimzed for 900Mhz
  • 1x Xbee-Oil Pan connector cable (New addition!)

*Please note that this product is for export only.

Price: SGD$202.80