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Atas Rapstrap


Atas Rapstrap

The rapstrap is a new way to quickly tie up just about anything.
Its innovative design combines a clever shape with a custom polymer to produce an incredibly versatile fastener. In use, rapstrap affords a softer and more flexible alternative to traditional types of cable and wire ties, and unlike its predecessors, it's a lot more efficient. When you cut the end of a rapstrap, you can use it again and again, getting several ties from just one strap.

The rapstrap is suitable for most everyday jobs. They serve as a suitable replacement for conventional cable ties in most applications, where the 300mm length allows several uses (on average providing up to five ties per rapstrap), and thereby dramatically reducing waste.

1030 rapstraps will stretch to accommodate larger bindings, and can be tensioned by pulling them as tight as required. As with all rapstraps they can be removed and reused if required.

  • Soft and flexible design
  • Controllable tension - pull to required grip
  • Gives up to 5 ties per strip
  • Can be released and reused if required
  • Can be double-looped for use on plants & canes
  • Reinforced rear cells
  • Supplied in tear-off sheets of 6


Width 10mm
Length (as moulded)300mm 
Thickness 1.25mm 
No. Cells / Spacing40 (6.5m) 
Strap Weight 2.9gm 
Max. Loop Diameter 120mm 
Resistance to Fuels and Oils       Excellent 
Avg. Tiles per Strap 3-5 
Approx Loop Strength 12kg 
Recommended Temp Range -20C to 60C 
UV-Stable Yes 

Price: SGD$2.80