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Singahobby Metal Propeller Mount


Singahobby Metal Propeller Mount (for DJI Phantom 4)

After flying your DJI Phantom 4 for some time, the white plastic propeller mount may eventually crack and cause some serious damage. It may not be noticeable in the beginning but as the crack gets bigger, it can lead to breaking the propeller mount entirely.

Fortunately, we have this Metal Propeller Mount especially designed for DJI Phantom 4. These metallic prop mounts are fully compatible with the original piece, and can save you from damaging your drone.


Just use a small 1.5mm hex wrench to loosen the screws and replace the original plastic prop mounts with the metal ones. To make it more convenient, these metal prop mounts are coloured to indicate which mount to use for which prop (black metal prop mount = black propeller; silver metal prop mount = silver propeller).


Price: SGD$19.72