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Origin Hobby Arcus II KIT Version


Are you looking for a powerful and compact glider with electric drive?

Fast or slow, agile or quiet - this is indeed an all-around model. 

Price: SGD$112.15
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Origin Hobby Arcus II ARF Version


Stable, gentle and durable enough for beginners, yet manoeuvrable enough for intermediate and experienced

pilots who might want to temporarily set their more advanced models aside and enjoy some easy, care-free flying.

Price: SGD$238.32
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Origin Hobby SkyHunter FPV KIT

The perfect platform for FPV flying. Origin Hobby Skyhunter FPV is engineered for fast slope soaring and high manoeuvrability.
Price: SGD$214.95
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Origin Hobby Funter KIT Version


Fly it leisurely like a normal glider or perform manoeuvres with it's powerful system. You can also customize it according to your liking. How fun!

Price: SGD$98.13
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Origin Hobby Funter ARF Version

Whether you're experienced or a beginner, this glider is a joy to fly.

Price: SGD$195.33
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