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Rowing Concept X3 DLG

Rowing Concept X3 DLG-1
Rowing Concept X3 DLG-7

The Rowing Concept X3 is the latest development of the Concept X-series, built with extreme precision by the renowned Roland Sommer. The build is designed for a right hand thrower and uses the all-new Super high density Rohacell IGF-SF for best strength, surface finish and shiny colors. It is installed with the latest NEW RDS 256, 6.5g "Yellow Cap" Full Metal Servo for Rudder and Elevator and two RDS 256 full metal 6g servos as RDS aileron/flaps servos. The ConceptX3 is RTF (Ready to fly) model with all servos, receiver battery pack and throw-peg full installed. The all up weight without receiver is exactly 250g. 

Rowing Concept X3 DLG
Price: SGD$2,703.00
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